Normal Saline Nasal Spray

Product Name: Normal Saline Nasal Spray

Common Name: Nasal clear, unblock nose

Strength: Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% w/v, Benzalkonium Chloride Solution BP 0.02% v/v

Description: Saline sprays have a higher concentration of salt than that of bodily tissue.
It also help keep the cilia in your nose healthy. Cilia are small hair-like structures in your nose that help humidify air to your lungs, trap bacteria to prevent them from entering the cells, and aid your sense of smell. By keeping cilia healthy, studies show that saline sprays may help treat rhinitis and sinusitis.It works by rinsing and moisturizing the nostrils.
Treating dry or irritated nasal passages caused by colds, allergies, low humidity, or overuse of decongestant nose spray.
This helps relieve stuffiness and makes breathing easier.
For children suffering from colds, flu, or allergies, nasal spray is an effective way to alleviate congestion. It causes the blood vessels in the nose to contract and dilutes mucus and reduces swelling in the sinus area.

Indications and Usage: Treating dry or irritated nasal passages caused by colds, allergies or low humidity.

Pack size: Normal Saline Nasal Spray are available in  10 ml, 15 ml and 30 ml fill volume.

MOQ- 50,000 pack

Delivery- 20-25 days

Certificate: CE-mark medical device

Registration: Normal Saline Nasal Spray is registered in Ireland with HPRA (Drug Authority).