Boric Acid Powder

Product Name: Boric Acid Powder

Common Name: hydrogen borate, boracic acid, orthoboric acid and acidum boricum


Boric acid has mild antibiotic properties against fungal or bacterial infection.

Boric acid ophthalmic (for the eyes) is used as an eye wash to cleanse or irrigate the eyes. Boric acid provides soothing relief from eye irritation, and helps remove pollutants from the eye such as smog, chlorine, or other chemicals.

Indications and Usage:

Boric Acid diluted with water can be used to create an easy and effective eyewash. Whether it’s a minor irritation or the more serious and contagious eye infection, a Boric Acid eyewash solution can help eye problems by treating any bacterial infection and soothing inflamed eyes. That includes relief of pink eye symptoms.

Pack Size: Boric Acid Powder is available in 50gm pack.

Minimum Order Quantity: 3000 packs

Certification: WHO-GMP