Feed Supplement Powder

Product Name: Feed Supplement Powder

Common Name: Veterinary Feed Supplement Powder

Ingredients : Each Pack  contains

Vitamins, Minerals, essential micronutrients, amino acids

Product Description

Powder contains ingredients that is essential for optimum growth & productivity of animals and poultry. It has great nutritional value.

Indications & Usage:

improves both quality & quantity of milk

Prevents irregularly in lactation even causes failure of lactation

General debility conditions

Gives more & bigger eggs in poultry

During pregnancy require more minerals. Helps after pregnancy to recover animal from debility weakness

Calcium with Phosphorus : Essential for Calcification of bone, proper growth of muscles

Amino Acids : Promotes growth of animals

Mineral : Important role in functioning of body & all vital process of body.

Pack size: Each unit pack consists of 100 Gm Powder.

Minimum Order Quantity: 3000 pack

Certification: GMP Certified