Pheniramine Maleate Injection

Product Name: Pheniramine Maleate Injection

Common Name: Veterinary anti-inflammatory injection

Strength: Pheniramine Maleate 22.75 mg

Methyl  Parahydroxy Benzoate  0.135%W/V

Propyl  Parahydroxy Benzoate     0.015%W/V

Water For Injection Q.S

Pheniramine is an antihistamine with anticholinergic properties used to treat allergic conditions such as hay fever or urticaria.

Pheniramine Maleate Injection is recommended in all inflammatory conditions where histamine is liberated due to the tissue damage.

Indications and Usage:

The Pheniramine Maleate Injection is used for treating allergic disorders like eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, insect bite, ruminal atony, tympany and bloat in ruminants due to histamine.

Itching at different areas of body, drug allergy, hay fever, urticaria, inflammation, constipation, rhinitis, pulmonary oedema, local anaesthesia, bronchospasm, puerperal toxemia, inflammation of stomach and uterus.


 1) Antihistamine

2) Sterile

3) GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility

4) High efficacy

5) Customised packaging

Pack Size: Available in 30ml & 100ml or as per buyer’s specification.

Minimum Order Quantity: 3000 packs

Certification:  GMP approved