Bifidobacterium longum

Product Name: Bifidobacterium longum 


Common Name: Bifidobacterium longum , Probiotics


Strength:  upto 100bn cfu/g



Bifidobacteria are Gram-positive, anaerobic, and branched rod-shaped bacteria. They are also non-motile and non-spore forming. In the colon, these bacteria ferment a wide variety of sugars into lactic acid. It has homologs of enzymes that repair oxidative damage such as NADH oxidase and NADH peroxidase. It also contains proteins that reverse oxidative damage to proteins and lipids such as: thiol peroxidase, alkyl hydroperoxide reductase (ahp C), and peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase. While B. longum is not significantly present in the adult gastrointestinal tract, it is considered part of the gut flora and its production of lactic acid is believed to prevent growth of pathogenic organisms. B. longum is non-pathogenic and is often added to food products

Indications & Usage:


The use of B. longum was shown to shorten the duration and minimize the severity of symptoms associated with the common cold with a similar effect to that of neuraminidase inhibitors for influenza. B. longum has been studied to show that it provides potential health benefits. These benefits include: diarrhea prevention in antibiotic treated patients, cholesterol reduction, and alleviation of lactose intolerance symptoms, immune stimulation, and cancer prevention. Bifidobacterium can be found in dairy foods, such as yogurt, and can be taken as supplements. It has also been found that B. longum is one of the first inhabitants of the GIT of infants, especially in those that were breast-fed. Infants that are formula-fed appear to have a different micro flora in their GIT, and this may be associated with the higher risk of diarrhea and allergies in these babies.


Pack Size:  Available in 25 kg Drum.


Storage: Store in its original packing ina cool and dry place, protect from direct sunlight.


Minimum Order Quantity: 100 kg.

Certification: USFDA approved for food supplements.