Streptococcus Salivarius

Product Name: Streptococcus Salivarius

Common Name: Streptococcus Salivarius, Probiotics

Strength:  2bn, 5bn, 20bn cfu/g


Streptococcus salivarius is a species of spherical, gram-positive, anaerobic bacteria that is both catalase and oxidase negative. S. salivarius colonizes (usually in chains) the mouth and upper respiratory tract of humans just a few hours after birth, making further exposure to the bacteria harmless in most circumstances. The bacteria is considered an opportunistic pathogen, rarely finding its way into the bloodstream, where it has been implicated in cases of sepsis in people with neutropenia, (a deficiency in white blood cells)

Indications & Usage:

Streptococcus Salivarius is used to treat patients with atypical pneumonia, which is an illness of the lungs where they become flooded with fluid.

Pack Size:  Available in 25 kg Drum.

Storage: Store in its original packing in a cool and dry place, protect from direct sunlight.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 kg.

Certification: USFDA approved for food supplements.